Markeith Cole: Montero’s Kitchen Manager

Markeith has been a part of our team since we opened in November 2005. He is married to wife, Shanita, and has one son Elijah, a daughter Jordyn, with another baby girl the way (Harmony). Markeith is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University, and with that degree brings a wealth of culinary skills and knowledge. Along with keeping Andy in line, he keeps the kitchen flowing, guests and staff happy, and always puts out beautiful food. He has a strong artistic and creative side, which enables him to always send out the most beautifully plated desserts and entrees. If you happen to walk by the kitchen doors sometime, you may even be lucky enough to hear a beautiful voice serenading you. That would be Markeith, our resident singer and entertainer.


TY Parker: Montero’s Kitchen Manager

TY (Tee-Why) has been a part of the Monteros team since October 2006 and is definitely a one of a kind for us. We call him our “Multi-Purpose Weapon.” He is the only employee trained in almost every position in the restaurant…he can cook anything on our menu, serve guests, run food, cater, train employees, and schmooze guests at the same time. TY’s laid back demeanor helps keep us, our staff, and our guests calm and cool during busy times. He is also one of those people that we can always count on doing whatever it takes to get the job done with no complaints, even those early 7:00am breakfast caterings or piles of dishes. TY is a proud father to Kimari, Tiari, Sherkwon, Taj, and Kai, and is a great asset to the Montero’s team.


Kat Silverwood: Montero’s Kitchen Manager

Kat has been part of our family since 2009, starting off working all positions in the kitchen at Montero’s. She quickly moved up to kitchen manager and is amazing with our staff in the front and back of the house. Kat also caters with us and is our “rock” on Sunday mornings, cooking eggs, biscuits, and pancakes for all of our brunch guests! The youngest of three girls, she was raised in Elizabeth City, spent two years serving our country in the Army and gained a new appreciation for food while stationed in Germany. As a child, she spent a lot of time in the kitchen with her grandmother baking cakes and pies, and that experience led her on this career path. In addition to her grandmother, her inspiration for what she does today is Travis “Papi” Bonilla, a longtime employee of Montero’s who helped trained Kat and died unexpectedly in 2013. Kat carries on Papi’s enthusiasm for food, life and laughter!


Jeff Burns: Montero’s Kitchen Manager

Jeff has been a part of the Montero’s Restaurant family since the beginning and brings to the table 15 plus years of cooking experience! Some of his favorite cuisines to eat and cook include: southern American, Asian, Spanish, and Italian. He spends much of his time learning about other chefs, cooking techniques, new foods and cooking styles.  When he’s not cooking at the restaurant, he enjoys “food adventures” with his wife Cherylyn and three kids (Olivia, Jayden and Lily) whether that be eating at a new restaurant or cooking a new dinner as a family.


Sheila Glasscock: Front of the House Manager

Sheila has been with us since we opened our doors in 2005, and we call her our “Resident Teacher” and by that we mean our spell checker! She taught middle school for 14 years before joining our team and loves to catch mistakes on the Specials Board or on our menus. Our schedule allowed her more free time to spend with her two children Reilly and Holt, and husband Larry Glasscock. Sheila has been trained through all the Front of the House positions and generally spends her days here answering phones and keeping things running smoothly. You will also find her here nights and weekends taking care of guests, running the show, or catering different events. She handles scheduling, hiring, day to day operations, and the toughest job of all…keeping Andy and Karin in line! The major downside to her job is that she gets very little reprieve from the Montero’s. She is Karin’s sister, and is at times punished by having days off and still stuck spending time with the crazy Montero family!


Amanda Binette: Front of the House Manager

Mandy has also been a part of the Montero’s Family since we opened in November 2005. She has done it all…serving, catering, hosting, and bartending! She is a jack of all trades at Montero’s and brings many years of experience to our team. Mandy is passionate about guest service as well as staff training and staff bar knowledge. She is working hard along with our other managers to help our staff learn more each day and polish their skills. She’s also started her own business called Sugar Rush making delicious and beautiful cakes and desserts in her spare time. We are so lucky to have Mandy working as a part of our Management Team! Mandy is married to Gary Binette, and they have two beautiful sons Logan and Lucas.


Angela Moxley: Front of the House Manager

Angela, another team member who has been with us since 2005, has worn many hats since we first opened.  She has served, catered, greeted guests as a host and most recently, serves as a part-time manager. She is committed to guest satisfaction and does her best to make sure guests feel welcome from the time they enter the restaurant until the very end of their dining experience. Angela is a full-time elementary school teacher as well as a wife and mother.  She is married to Shane Moxley. They have a combined total of eight boys ranging in age from 26 down to 12.

Becki Mazza: Front of the House Manager

Becki Mazza has been part of the Montero’s Family since 2013 when she started as a server and since then trained as a bartender, caterer and now manager. She has amazing organizational skills and helps us out tremendously by handling all new employees and their paperwork, does our alcohol ordering and inventory, and helps maintain our training standards. Becki spends her time off with her boyfriend Christopher, her 2 dogs, and loves to do anything outdoors-fishing, kayaking, and laying on the beach.


Mel Noerr: Catering Sales Director

Mel has been a part of our family since August 2015 and has definitely kept us laughing since that first day! She started off as a server, then moved to Catering Sales Assistant, and is now our Catering Sales Director. She has done an amazing job in this position, and spends her days talking to brides, grooms, and event professionals helping plan wonderful weddings and other special events. Mel loves working in the fast-paced wedding/catering industry, loves to use her amazing organizational skills to pull off smooth events, and considers it an honor to cater one of the biggest life events for our clients. Her infectious laugh, fun personality, and quirky sense of humor reminds us all not to take ourselves too seriously. Mel has been married to Ben for 16 years, and has three beautiful children-Caleb, Hayden, and Madelynn, and 3 sweet dogs. When she’s not working she loves to travel, run, and teach group exercise classes at the YMCA.


Nina Daniels: Front of the House Manager

Nina joined our team in 2013 as a server, and then quickly moved her way up to bartender, caterer, and now as a part time manager. Nina is also a full time Sheriff’s Deputy with Pasquotank County, so we always feel safe when she comes to work with us! Nina is an amazing employee with a work ethic like no other. We all know that when she’s here, she’s always giving us and our guests 110%. When Nina isn’t working, she’s spending time with her husband Eric, her amazing son Levi, and two beautiful dogs.


Michael Yu: Front of the House Manager

Michael joined our family back in 2013 starting as a food runner, and was such a great employee that we moved him up the ranks to Server, Caterer, Bartender, and now Front of the House Manager. Michael has always been a hard worker, pays great attention to detail, enjoys getting to know his guests, has a quirky fun sense of humor and lots of common sense which is so helpful in this crazy industry. When Michael is not at work he’s spending time with his wife Melanie and beautiful daughter Freya. He also enjoys swimming and hiking, and is quite the musician playing guitar & piano, and loves to sing.