The real start of Montero’s in Elizabeth City was a fluke! I was baking for a friend and her new coffee shop (Muddy Waters) and one day had baked too many muffins and croissants, so I decided to drop them off at my new car insurance agent’s office! They loved them and happened to mention that “you should come back with these again and we’ll buy them!”

The rest is history…I went back the next day and made sure to stop off at another business afterwards to give them some muffins. Before I knew it, I was baking 7 hours a day and stopping at over 100 businesses a week! It was the perfect opportunity to market our up and coming restaurant, sell my in-home catering services and support my wife and I as we worked on opening Montero’s! Over ten years later, I am still known as the Muffin Man around town and honor all of those muffin fans with mini muffins in our bread baskets!