TY Parker

Kitchen Manager

TY (Tee-Why) has been a part of the Monteros team since October 2006 and is definitely a one of a kind for us. We call him our “Multi-Purpose Weapon.” He is the only employee trained in almost every position in the restaurant…he can cook anything on our menu, serve guests, run food, cater, train employees, and schmooze guests at the same time. TY’s laid back demeanor helps keep us, our staff, and our guests calm and cool during busy times. He is also one of those people that we can always count on doing whatever it takes to get the job done with no complaints, even those early 7:00am breakfast caterings or piles of dishes. TY is a proud father to Kimari, Tiari, Sherkwon, Taj, Kai, and Tori and is a great asset to the Montero’s team.