Montero’s Restaurant – Working Here is Working with Family

Montero’s Restaurant – Working Here is Working with Family

Working at Montero’s Restaurant is like working with a family – all about making sure that every single person is taken care of.  It’s not just about the day-to-day.  If you’ve eaten here before, you know that you’re always greeted with a smile, and our regular customers are an extended part of our family.  There’s a reason that you feel that way.

It’s the little things that we do, like a family meal before your scheduled shift.  Andy and Karin always make sure that everyone is fed before their scheduled shift so they aren’t worried about fitting in a time to eat during the dinner (or brunch!) rush.  They even do this at catered events, to make sure that each and every server, chef, and catering manager is working at their very best for the client (and themselves!).

When you come in, you’re going to be treated like family, too.  If your kids want to play on the floor with Andy (and make a table fort, which we all know that every kid loves to do), chances are he’ll probably oblige.  We get to see kids grow into adults in this restaurant – whether it be bussers moving to servers moving to bartenders moving to management, or just the patrons of the restaurant grow up.  We try to be such a pulsing part of Elizabeth City that we get to know everyone that we have the privilege of meeting.

There’s always a lot of laughter and smiles here.  What you have to know is that even though it’s all smiles, we’re also all business.  Our employees are trained to keep things fun, and upbeat, and as a result, they love their jobs!  If you read our reviews, though, you’ll see that translates to the food that you’ll eat and the experience that you’ll have.

So come in and dine with us.  Be part of our family.  We want to get to know you just as well as we’ve all gotten to know each other. Call us at 252-331-1067 to make your reservation today.

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