Karin Montero


I was born and raised in Elizabeth City to parents, Ed and Sandra Strickland and sister Sheila, with a pretty boring story about an idyllic childhood. I have wonderful memories of playing in the kitchen, creating my own special desserts and cakes, and “helping” my mom cook. I’ve always loved to eat out and try new restaurants, and had the dream to one day have my own restaurant. In high school, I became involved in the classes and clubs that involved food, and was pushed in the direction of Johnson and Wales University by my favorite teacher, Susan Brown. I went with the goal to learn the ins and outs of the industry, front and back of the house. It was there that I learned the fundamentals of cooking, dining service, mixology, and also that I couldn’t cut it in the kitchen! I loved cooking, but I just wasn’t cut out for “serious” cooking. I fell in love with the service and mixology side, and that’s where I’ve been ever since. I had the pleasure of meeting my handsome husband there, and the rest is history!