Our Amazing Staff

Our Amazing Staff

We are only as strong as our parts. Every part of our staff is vital to how we operate and how successful we can be. And let’s be honest, they are who you love. They’re the wait staff you ask for every time you come visit. They’re the chef creating the dishes you can’t get enough of. They’re the behind the scenes crew making sure our floors and tables are clean and our front of the house crew welcoming you and your family in to our home away from home. They’re the life of our restaurant and business and we are so thankful for them.

And now for the fun stuff! We interviewed a few members of our staff and love the these answers!

What is your favorite story about working at Monteros?

Kemarie: My favorite memory would have to be eating Thanksgiving dinner with Andy, Karin, and their family. After realizing I couldn’t make it home for Thanksgiving Karin invited me to her mom’s house for dinner. The food was amazing and the entire family was so welcoming.

Rebecca: The day I scared Andy! …He was coming downstairs from our offices and I stood outside the door and jumped at him…and made him scream! I’m surprised I still have a job here!

Monteros Staff

What is your favorite menu item?

Sheila: spinach dip from the catering menu, filet, and chicken fresca

Nina: Bourbon St. Mahi

If you could have Sunday brunch with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Nina: My nanny. She passed away when I was very young. I would want to tell her about my life now and the joys of having a little boy. She was my best friend growing up while young. I would love to sit down and have a brunch with her.

Kemarie: Any member of the Tuskagee Airmen. I would love to discuss the challenges they faced because of their skin color and how they overcame them. As well as how they paved the way for other African Americans to become pilots.

Monteros Staff

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve seen in the restaurant business?

Ty: I think the business is like a roller coaster. There’s good and bad with the ups and downs. You kinda have to enjoy the thrill of being on the ride.

Lindsey: The most exciting thing I have seen is the friendships and relationships we make as coworkers. We are like a family. I also love when customers come in and become your friends. Especially when they have children that you get to watch grow up.

These are just a few answers from a few of our amazing staff members – but we’ve got a whole team that we love and appreciate and couldn’t be successful without. When you work here, you’re family. When you dine with us, you’re part of everything we’re all about, and we can’t tell you how grateful we are to the staff, guests, and community that make Montero’s feel like home.

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