Food for Thought: 5 Tips: How to Prepare for your Catering Tasting

Food for Thought: 5 Tips: How to Prepare for your Catering Tasting

How to Prepare for your Catering Tasting Catering Tips Wedding Catering
Many caterers offer tastings and at Montero’s, we are no exception! We absolutely love tastings because they allow us to learn more about you and your vision for your event and we really enjoy getting feedback that will help us develop a menu that is perfect for you and your guests. It also gives you a chance to learn more about us and how we work both at the restaurant and executing special events!

At Montero’s, we offer completely custom tastings, meaning you choose the items you want to taste. After you schedule the tasting and make your selections with your Catering Sales Manager, you may be wondering, “What next?!”

As with all things wedding planning, preparation is key, so here are 5 tips to prepare for your tasting!

1. Come Hungry!
-You’ll want to taste all of the delicious options & showing up with a partially full stomach will make you uncomfortable once you get to the final dishes. Trust us, you will leave full.

-Pro Tip: You don’t HAVE to clear your plate (unless you want to!)-usually one or two bites of each item is enough to make your selections and we’ll box up any leftovers for you to take home.

How to Prepare for your Wedding Catering Tasting
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2. Come with Questions
-We may be stating the obvious here, but if we haven’t answered a question about something that is important to you, Ask away!

This post from the Knot has very helpful questions to ask any caterer!
How to Prepare for your Catering Tasting
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3. Come with any information you have that will help us understand and execute your event.
-We will talk through the majority of the event day, but we will also ask you questions about other vendors you have booked, venue information, rentals, set up, etc. If you don’t know before your tasting date, don’t sweat it, but if you have a binder full of contracts and proposals, feel free to bring it!
What to Expect at your Wedding Catering Tasting
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4. Remember that nothing is set in stone after the tasting!
-We will have more discussions throughout the planning process, so if you change your mind about the napkin fold or you decide to have Mashed Potatoes instead of Roasted Potatoes, it is okay!

-With Montero’s, your final contract and guest count are due 10 days out and THAT is when it is final.

Catering Tasting Tips
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5. Come relaxed and ready to have fun.
-Even with the discussion of menu development, timeline, etc., we promise we’ll still give you a chance to relax and just enjoy the food!

Have you attended a tasting before? What other tips do you have for future couples?

What to expect at your catering tasting
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