Food for Thought: 7 Things About Wedding Food Your Guests Want You To Know

Food for Thought: 7 Things About Wedding Food Your Guests Want You To Know

We’re sure you have heard it..your wedding day is all about you-and it is true! Many of your friends and loved ones gather together on one special day to celebrate you, so here are a few food-related guest secrets to help make your guests feel even more welcomed & keep them in the celebrating mood all night long!

1. Consider the timing
When do you and your guests generally eat dinner? If it is 6:00pm and your wedding dinner is served at 8:30pm, consider adding more options to your cocktail hour to help guests get to the later dinner time. If you are just starting the planning, set your meal time first and work backwards to the ceremony start time. You don’t want your guests to be starving!

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2. We want Cocktail Hour Ooohs & Aaahs!
Make a great first impression on your guests with a large, bountiful table display or with several different butler passed appetizers. We suggest having about 4 options for guests to feast on and get them excited for what is to come for the rest of the evening.


3. Be able to accommodate our dietary restrictions/preferences
Make sure you address with your caterer how special dietary needs will be met and communicate with your guests long before the wedding so that they know what to expect. We want your vegetarian friends to be just as satisfied with their meals and not have to be restricted to eating only green beans and bread. If we know ahead of time, we can prepare!


4. Choose a Menu that reflects YOUR favorite items
What is your favorite food in the entire world? Mac-N-Cheese/Mashed Potatoes/Crabcakes/Hamburgers? Have it somewhere in your wedding menu. If it isn’t on your caterer’s menu, ask if they can provide it or a “nod” to it. We love customizing menu items and if you love it-chances are, they do too!

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5. We want to taste some Local fare & flare!

Out of town guests absolutely love enjoying locally inspired, grown, and brewed menu items at weddings. Give them a taste of the south with some sweet potato ham biscuits with apple butter and we’ll give them a strong dose of sweet, southern hospitality.


6. Coffee, please!
After dinner service (and perhaps a few drinks), many guests will be craving coffee. It is a great end of the night pick-me-up and will keep them on the dance floor a while longer, too!

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7. A Delightful surprise is majorly memorable
Late night appetizers are a huge hit among guests (and help to soak up some of the drinks they had earlier in the night!). Shake it up and go trendy with pop up food carts, mini hot dogs, passed burgers and/or fries in appropriately sized “to go” containers, and dessert, ice cream or donuts by your favorite local shop. You can even make these double as favors with a beautiful label with your names on it or have custom serving vessels made.

Photo Credit: Dragon Studio
Dragon Studio

Photo Credit: Dragon Studio
Dragon Studio

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