Celebrating 14 Years with Montero’s

Celebrating 14 Years with Montero’s

On November 29th Karin and Andy celebrated the 14th birthday of Montero’s. And as we sit back and reflect on 14 years of service to our community, we can’t help but feel incredibly thankful for all that it has give us. When we think of community it’s really three fold.

First, the employees. Montero’s has had over 300 employees throughout the past 14 years, many of those have been with us for longer than the average restaurant employee. They are faithful, hard working, dependable, and have turned into a pseudo-family for us. From the very first string of employees we hired to the staff we have today, we strive to make sure they feel welcome and loved when they step foot in our doors for their shift. We haven’t always been perfect, but we’re always trying to learn how to be a better employee ourselves. And then with that, how to be a better boss. Without them, without their dedication to making our restaurant as great as it is, we would be nothing.

Then there are these incredible customers that we are so thankful to call our family, our friends, our community. They have supported us through thick and thin. And being a small part of your celebrations, or even every day moments, has been so rewarding. From weddings to birthdays to grieving losses, we’ve been blessed to be a part of it all and truly understand how much of an honor it is that you chose our little restaurant to hold these momentous occasions.

And then there’s our family. Without them, without the help of our parents and siblings, without the motivation to provide a future for our children and all the while show them what community is all about through the service of our restaurant, we would be nothing. They are the backbone of this business. They are our reason. They are our WHY.

When we posted our anniversary on Facebook, we invited our friends, family, and past and present employees to tag yourselves and we were blown away by the kind words that were left. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for 14 amazing years. Enjoy this trip down memory lane of some of our favorite pictures.

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