Top 5 Reasons to Eat at Montero’s Tonight

Top 5 Reasons to Eat at Montero’s Tonight

Looking for a reason to come out to Montero’s Restaurant tonight? If you’re looking for an incredible Elizabeth City restaurant, we’ve got good news – we’ve got five great reasons to come out tonight!

5. The Food:

The food is the first reason because it’s the most obvious. Come out and have a delicious meal with us – and with an extensive menu to choose from, there really is something for everyone. Here’s what a few customers had to say about our menu:

“Wow, is only the to start. Yes staff was very friendly and professional. But the food, outstanding. My GF had 16oz prime rib, med/rare and it was perfect. Me being a vegetarian, I will normally play it safe and get a salad, not here they have menu for plant base dishes. Again outstanding.” – Steve

“The Elizabeth City Restaurant. Enjoy classic southern dishes in a repurposed house. Spectacular flavors evoke an antebellum sense of time and place that you’ll want to return to over and over.” – Timothy

4. The Service

Here at Montero’s, everyone is family, including our staff. Did you know we even have a family meal before the start of the dinner shift, to ensure that everyone is happy and full while they’re serving you your meal? Service at Montero’s is unparalleled, and you’ll love it.

3. Family friendly

You don’t have to come out alone (unless you want to!). We’re family friendly – bring the kids, any age. Bring your sister. Bring your obscure relative. We’re all about family here, which means that our menu, our service, and our restaurant reflects that. Here’s another fantastic review about bringing the family out:

“Wonderful place, Good customer service. Very clean environment. I took my son to celebrate his birthday. The table was set with a birthday greeting card that was signed by the staff how wonderful! He had the biggest smile upon his face. Thank you so much we enjoyed this beautiful restaurant. I recommend anyone who loves tasty food with excellent customer service. Go here!!” – Tamika

2. You deserve a night out

It’s self-explanatory! Who doesn’t want to take a night out after a long day at work? It’s the perfect time to catch up, all around the Montero’s table.

1. Home-cooked meal without actually having to cook

Because we know the way to your heart is with a hearty meal that tastes like it was made right in your kitchen, you can come in, enjoy a decadent meal, and not have to worry about doing the dishes afterwards!

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